Strategic Marketing Services

We believe that just because a company doesn’t have a full time marketing director they are any less in need of impactful and cost effective marketing.

However, for many companies the cost necessary to employ a full time senior marketing professional can be prohibitive. But by employing a Marketing Director on a part time basis you can receive the strategic input you need whilst limiting the impact on your profitability.

All of our Marketing Directors have experience of working with SME’s and can provide pragmatic solutions that are effective and measurable, all at a fraction of the cost of employing a full time member of staff.


Virtual Project Team

Due to budget constraints or lack of resources many small to medium sized companies often only undertake a limited number of major activities each year. It could be a website makeover, a major tradeshow or a lead generation campaign.

Whatever they are, the chances are that they will be project managed by someone who is not a specialist in that area and who will be unable to dedicate 100% of their time to the project.

With a virtual team we can put specialists, with all the necessary experience and contacts, into your organisation for as long, or little, as they are needed to execute the project efficiently, on time and within budget.

You only pay for the time they spend on your business, so once the project is over their role is finished and you no longer have any costs to cover.


Marketing Audit and Strategic Review

The Marketing Audit and Strategic Review is a service designed to review a company’s existing marketing function and make recommendations on how it could become more effective.

The process begins with a meeting of senior executives and stake holders to evaluate the current attitude and appetite for marketing within the organisation.

It includes a review of past, current and planned activities together with a review of objectives, marketing budgets and ROI analysis.

A report is produced with observations on the current marketing structure and strategy along with a series of recommendations for the future of marketing within the organisation.